1st Class


London & Paris

San Francisco

American Institute

Ch. Missenharter

Manf'r New York

Missenharter Brass Instrument Factory, Coleman


# 11068 , Coleman

notified of existance 11/2011

"I bought this tuba sometime in the mid-seventies from a CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) band that was closing down ther was no case or mouthpiece and no one knew anything about it I actually bought it ( for $15.00) to plant flowers in.

I made it playable although I found it very flat - perhaps built to an old pitch standard? it had an extension on the main tuning slide - when removed it achieves modern pitch pretty well I have several other tubas, but I've always had kind of a soft spot for this one I hadn't played it in a long time, but a recent shoulder injury made it impossible to handle the larger instruments for a while, so I brought this one to Boston Tuba Christmas (pictured). Thanx for the information John P.O'Toole Framingham, MA Music Director, Waltham ((MA) American Legion Band"