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Ch. Missenharter

Manf'r New York

Missenharter Brass Instrument Factory

1862-65 German Silver Coronet by Missenharter

Pocket cornet (or trumpet) in brass with three rotary valves of German silver, signed "Medaille / LONDON 1862 / C.MISSENHARTER / STUTTGART" made c.1865. Bell diameter 9.7cm. Length 19.0cm.

In original condition with a couple of minor dents in the tubing and others on the bell. The tuning slides do not slide. the upper covers to the valves are not a matched set. To be playable needs an overhaul. This is an very early example of a pocket cornet.

"Voyage d'un Melomane a travers L'Exposition Universelle" 1862 by Le Comte Ad. de Pont├ęcoulant, tells Missenharter was awarded a medal in the London Exhibition of 1862 for instruments in brass and German silver

Accroding to Robb Stewart this instrument is made of brass with German silver trim and not all German silver.