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# 6802 Cornet

Sold in May of 2016


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Exceptional vintage Missenharter cornet (#6802 - ca.1880) in prime playing condition: suggested retail price - $2950

Exceptional vintage Missenharter cornet with Bb, A and C(!) leadpipes (all compatible with the modern cornet mouthpiece shank).  Instrument looks and plays like new - professionally cleaned and polished; Anderson just replated the valves.  Beautiful hand engraving on the bell (with gold wash on the bell interior).  Intricate molded details on the surface of the instrument.  Comes with all original accessories in mint condition: 2 mouthpieces, Bb and A leadpipes, music lyre (of art nouveau design), custom Missenharter straight mute (newly re-corked), walnut-handled cleaning rod, and walnut grease pot.  Original case with good condition interior and dark walnut stained wood exterior (a velour and velcro belt is used in addition to the original hook latches to keep the case securely closed).

Additional accessories include a 3rd Missenharter mouthpiece, a spring-loaded detachable leadpipe "pinkie" ring, two modern (ca.1980) gold-plated Denis Wick "London" mouthpieces (4L and 5B), an archival CD of the cornet from a 1980 recording, and an exceptional (and exceptionally rare) custom C leadpipe.

C leadpipe: Early owner is reported to have played in the Rhode Island Civic Symphony in the early 20th Century, and the C leadpipe is thought to have been custom built (no maker's stamp) for that purpose.  Pipe replaces the tuning slide, is pushed flush and then pitch is adjusted with a tuning slide descending from the pipe itself.  This leadpipe offers a consistent tone and pitch throughout the range of the instrument, making this an excellent "period" C cornet for performance of Stravinsky's 1918 "L'Histoire du Soldat."

Archival CD: The cornet's seller is retired Crystal Record's soloist Ned Gardner.  He recorded 3 early 20th-century cornet solos on the Missenharter as part of the program of a 1980 album entitled "In Recital" (a Visiting Artist project for the NC Dept. of Community Colleges).  The performances have been digitized onto a CD to accompany the cornet (this is the only known recording on a Missenharter).  The works are "Stars in the Velvety Sky"(1919) by Clarke, "My Regards"(1908) by Llewellyn, and "Willow Echoes"(1920) by Simon.