1st Class


London & Paris

San Francisco

American Institute

Ch. Missenharter

Manf'r New York

Missenharter Brass Instrument Factory


# 6893 Tombone

From website: Here is my vintage silver plated Missenharter valve trombone. This instrument is very old but in good condition. From what I can see, there are three patches on it and 4 places that have been repaired at one time or another. The bell has suffered damage and been repaired also. The silver plate is heavily worn in the normal holding places and there is a leak at the 3rd valve joint. All of the tuning slides pull. The 2nd and 3rd bottom valve caps are stuck but I think I will be able to get them off.
The valve section of this instrument is quite heavy. It is very awkward to put in a "rest" position. First chance I get, I am going to get a stand for it. The brass seems to be much thicker than the bell section part of the instrument. It plays SUPER sharp with the slides in the normal position. I suspect it may well be a B/Bb trombone but is missing the extra Bb slide. It sounds ok with the slides pulled way out. I am going to look into having a slide constructed so that it can remain in it's pulled out position. One also risks getting slide grease on clothing with the slide out that far. I have not tested it with a tuner, but I think it will be fine. The bell section has decorations on it reading Medaille 1st CLASS PHLADELPHIA LONDON & PARIS SAN FRANCISCO AMERICAN INSTITUTE CS MISSENHARTER MAN'R NEW YORK 6983 KOHLER & CHASE SOLE AGENTS FOR CAL. There is also a large horse shoe and flowers and leaves on the bell as decoration. It is inscribed Missenharter NY on the second valve.