1st Class


London & Paris

San Francisco

American Institute

Ch. Missenharter

Manf'r New York

Missenharter Brass Instrument Factory


# 7245

Beautiful little Ch. Missenharter coronet sold by Kohler & Chase, San Francisco, and so marked on the bell shown in the last photo. The serial number is 7245, and I think it dates to the 1870's. The legend in photo #9 reads: MEDAILLE 1st CLASS, PHILADELPHIA, LONDON & PARIS, SAN FRANCISCO, AMERICAN INSTITUTE, CH. MISSENHARTER MANF'R, NEW YORK. 7245. The case has a yellow banner that reads: BOSTON MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MANUFACTORY. I don't know if Missenharter had their own cases, or just used Boston Instruments cases. The coronet fits perfectly in the case. The case is leather covered, and one of the latches is broken. Also some of the stitching is coming loose on the seams. The bell on the instrument is wrinkled and dented in places, and there is some silver loss where the coronet was held. Photo #8 shows the name of the owner engraved on the instrument. His name was W.R. Huffman. I don't know who he was. All keys work as they should, and it has a nice tone. Shipping is a flat $29.00 in the Continental US. Thanks for looking.

ebay 11/5/2014