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# 7533 Cornet

Description on ebay 9-15-15 Either stenciled or a very close copy of a Courtois Arbuckle model, the slides of this antique shepherd's crook cornet will fit into the Courtois Arbuckle cornet in my other listing. The lengths are slightly different probably due to tuning pitch differences and the ID here is .460" where the Courtois is .461". This has much intricate engraving with gold plating on the bell, and a gold wash inside the 5" diameter bell. Ferrules and valve caps are embossed/knurled and in places still bear traces of gold plating. Comes with the original Missenharter mouthpiece, pigtail crook, lyre with mount, and removable finger ring. The leaf spring on the double water key is cracked, and the lower leg of the tuning slide is unsoldered, tho all the pieces are there and in good condition for resoldering. The 3rd slide receiver is dirty with old dried grease and will need to be cleaned to get the slide all the way in. 1st finger button does not match the other two. This is an auction, The horn is sold as is with no offer of return or refund. Please study the photos and ask questions before bidding. PayPal is the only means of payment that I accept, and shipping is only to a PayPal confirmed address in the lower 48 US. Thanks for looking, and please check the Courtois Arbuckle model in my other listing.