1st Class


London & Paris

San Francisco

American Institute

Ch. Missenharter

Manf'r New York

Missenharter Brass Instrument Factory


# 8251 Cornet

Private Colector, notified of existance 11/2011.

Beautifully carved with gold


Please find in this attachment photos of Misseharter cornet 8251. I hope that the photos give a fair indication of the cornet’s condition. The serial number might be 3251 but my suspicion is that the first number was not stamped well and is an 8.
The valve casings, valves, and lower valve caps are labelled 7, 8 and 9 respective to the 1st, 2nd and 3rdvalves.
1) I was told that this cornet is gold plated. It appears that it might be, but the finish is uneven. Around the area of the bell rim, some silver is can be seen all around the bell on the side facing the player.
2) The water key spring is strong
3) The cornet does not seem to leak too much
Negatives –  There are couple few obvious problems with the instrument.
1) The joint between the third valve and the bell has let go as well as the joint between the shepherd’s crook and first valve slide.
2) The main tuning slide which is stuck, otherwise all the other slides are free.
3) The bell also appears to have been bent and straighten.
4) There are small dings in the area of the shepherd’s crook as well as the main tuning slide.
5) There might be things that I have not noticed.