1st Class


London & Paris

San Francisco

American Institute

Ch. Missenharter

Manf'r New York

Missenharter Brass Instrument Factory


# 9451 Coleman

"I have up for auction (March 2013) a truly fabulous Vintage cornet. From what I have found it appears to be from the 1880's. If anyone can shed more light on the date of manufacture, I will post it here, Serial # 9451 . It is heavily engraved and in just beautiful condition. The Mother of Pearl finger pads are stunning in the way they seem to change colour from purple to green to blue flawlessly. This is what is engraved on it Medaille 1st Class Philadelphia London & Paris San Fransisco American Institute Ch. Missenharter Excelsior Harry Coleman Manf'r Philadelphia 9451. I urge you to see the pictures and ask any questions you may have. I noticed a slight crease in the bell area when I polished this horn. Again, please revert to pictures to see the extent of this as I did not even see it, I felt it. This will be the center piece of you horn collection.